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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Next level performance training for student athletes.



JACT Athletics’ main focus is personal development in athletic performance, strength, self-esteem, and overall health. Our talented staff strives to empower athletes and ATTACK weaknesses which could become road blocks to growth.

Our core values include Loyalty, Passion, Trust, Perseverance, and Innovation. Through these values we design specific programs and events for athletes ages 6 and up. The programs are molded to meet the specific needs of each individual.

The JACT Athletics family is committed to providing the pathway and opportunity to achieve results and obtain advancement no matter the current level. We will provide the tools to create a mental and physical edge for your athlete. Allow us to be the catapult for Full Potential and Success.

meet the team


Our owners and lead instructors are T.J. Scarbrough, Austin Janney, and Lee Blackshear.  JACT has been a lifelong dream and along with their families they have made it a reality. All three of them have over 10 years of coaching and training  experience from Elementary to the High School level. 

T.J. is a former College Football player from Jacksonville University where he studied Exercise Science and Kinesiology. He was a multi-sport athlete for West Nassau High School. 


Austin is a former College Football player from Averett Univesity where he studied Physical Education. He was also a multi-sport athlete for West Nassau High School. 

Lee was also a multi-sport athlete at West Nassau High School where he excelled in Basketball. 




"This was the BEST camp I have ever sent my boys to.  They had the best time!

They got up excited and ready to go every morning.  (That alone is a miracle. ) They came home excited about all that they had done and couldn’t stop talking about it. The instructors actually got out on the field and showed them what to do, they didn’t just tell them. For many kids this is an essential part that is often left out.  For me the positive environment that they surrounded the kids with was worth more than any skill they may have learned. They built each child up before, during , and after.  My boys came home feeling good about themselves and the work they had put in.  Thank you for investing in ALL the kids ,not just the super athletes,  that were out there.   So many times the weaker kids are pushed to the side and not thought about and all the effort is put into the strong, not with JACT Athletics.  You saw, loved and invested in each boy out there!  That speaks volumes for each of you. I definitely will be sending the boys back."

JACT Athletics Customer

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